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A Balad About A Hike.

So we set out on a trail
on a drizzly Tahoe day.
Shirley Lake is destination
Kids in tow, we are OK.

It’s nearing lunchtime and
the summit still illusive, overthere.
Wind and rain join forces
Kids get hungry, not OK.

We break our meal under a pine,
bread and cheese await the crew.
Someone says - “Lets change the diaper”
even if it’s freezing here, мать твою.

Fingers of mine control do not I,
but kiddo’s pants come off the same.
Mooning forest, cursing parents
Benny’s been happier, I’d say.

Taking cue from our toddlers,
displeased with weather in these parts,
back into carriers they go
with daddy’s socks, instead of gloves.

So full of guilt, we blame each other,
snap judgements drizzle amid rain.
Michelle and Jamie keep it coolio
and soon they get awaited stay.

Charlie’s asleep, it’s peaceful now
in their shoulder of the wood,
but Mr Benjamin Vernitsky
continues his bear-swarting salut.

“C’mon bambino, it’s getting warmer.
Please give us respite, get relief.”
But nothing is of any interest,
not even mikh, not even mikh.

Into my arms he finally goes,
a quiet song earns us a break.
“But what are we to do, Alyunya,
I couldn’t carry him all the way.”

Little by little we wobble down,
watching for every slippy rock,
hands tightly gripping trusting cargo,
and breathing evenly, for all of us.

What-if’s are busying my mind
distracting finely from fatigue -
What-if this wasn’t a mere mile,
What-if my back/arms/legs give in.

Meantime, bambino’s letting go
of the injustice of our whim.
Worn out, sleepy and exhausted
He’s letting papi carry him.

Thus we conclude our story
of good intentions and bad climes.
May we remember about layers,
may they forget about this climb.

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Let's go already!

Let's go already!

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Big boys marching out